Yuletide bliss

On the eve

Of Yuletide bliss 

I sit by the tree

And reminisce 

Lost in thought 

Of another night

Dreaming of moments

As the tree glistens bright

Wishing you were here to hold me tight 

Thinking of us by the fire’s light 

Mellowed in love

In lust we’d ignite 

This is my mind

On a wanderous Christmas night

1am thoughts…

Its been said that fear is of the enemy. But is it not of us. Our own reflections that stare back and tell us of our pain. Of our sorrow?

Fear to me is what must be faced, ultimately meaning our own selves. It’s because of our pain that we withhold. Blocking in our own happiness and instead allowing for what we perceive as happiness to succumb when in fact it is of mere satisfaction, but not… Happiness. 

You see in order to achieve happiness one must pursue it. In order to face your fear one must demolish it and face it head on. But what if, that fear we hold is just us? As mentioned before is it not us that tells ourselves to be eary or step away from what it is to be faced?

When walls are built they are mere admonishment of our pain we once faced. So inturn we tell ourselves… Never again. But, at what cost? Are we not suppressing ourselves from experience, from said happiness if we are always “fearing” the inevitable. And if that, how do we know what is or isn’t. 

The point is, we don’t.