Fairytale Queen

She spoke of perfect dreams. The kind where fairytales gleam. And he smiled, with an awe of her. As if she were his very own princess in this so called existence. He can almost see the birds chirping in song, the butterflies whisping around her glow, and the melody begin it’s tune. This was the moment he’d remember…This moment of his fairytale queen. 

Goodbye is never easy

“There comes a point when goodbyes are all we know. Learning to walk away even when you don’t want to. To give that last breath of hope as the words escape. Deep down thinking maybe this time…” He went to finish and I shook my head. Needing him to stop. “I remember a day when it was never goodbye, but see you later.” I said with bowed eyes and a sad smile. Remembering the exact day I said those words. Remembering the anger I felt at the thought of goodbye. “What if it was still see you later?” I asked. Not sure of what to expect. “Then I’d take that before ever saying goodbye.” 


​Would it be ok, If I told you I loved you today…

If I could just for once show you how bright my heart flames with the mere sound of your name.

Is it ok, that my soul has already proclaimed the forever dream to which you embrace.

Or is it… Instead, better to say nothing at all and remain hiding in the shadows merely in wonder of my Valentine crush, astray…