Still beautiful

She was described to be perfect. Amazing in every way. But, she was flawed beyond what any could see. Damaged inside. Withered in pain and heartache. Wishing if only in spite of her sadness she could still be seen as such. Seen to be idolized for her flaws and not just her beauty. To be loved for all she was… Still beautiful in the eyes of her love.


Silent nights

There was silence most nights, interesting enough that was when she’d heard the most noise. Maybe just the shadows engaged by her demons but, still the chaos trapped in her mind. 

Lost thoughts 

She stared into the sky late at night in thought of where she dreamed to be. Wondering if it could ever be. If the possibility of feeling again would exist as it once did. She wondered if he saw her in the iridescent moon as she’d seen him. If she were still the amazing breath of air he’d once gasped for… Or was he finally free of her, no longer chained as she was to his heart.


Subtle shame

Caressed my flesh

In the slither

Of his kiss

I was kept

Gripped by his soul

Unable to release


Parts of me


Allowing to

Be seen 

As never before

What he says to be perfect

The curves of my silhouette

Never shared

Until I danced

In circles

And finally saw

What he’d seen all along

Too much…

Is there such a thing as.. Too much of anything?

I wonder that often. To have too much care, too much love, too much pain, too much heart, too much spirit, too much… Well you get it. Simply said.. Too much. Most ask for a love of someone that is unconditional and forever. For a fire and passion that drives one mad. For an intensity extreme beyond measure. But, when found or received, is it in fact too much? At what point do we turn and say I just can’t take this, I just don’t want this, I just feel its.. Too much! 

In a world of indecisive souls I think no one knows just how extreme too much can be or how small. I’ve found that most times its due to a misfortune or loss of something far immense that has caused us to believe we can’t take whats given or we ignore what’s right in front of us. Telling ourselves we just can’t when in fact our souls are capable of more than ever imaginable. 

The heart may seem misleading, when it pulses for another but, the soul… The soul has a strength beyond means and no matter how much it remains cornered its up to us to listen when it whispers at night.