What do you seek…?

What do you seek at night? When all is quiet and the crickets sing. What do you think? Do you breathe in darkness and humble your sins? Do you speak to your demons that dance with your shadows? Or perhaps you’d find peace… In the night through the cease of day. Closing your eyes to all weakness that prey…

At what point…

At what point was it okay

To say,

I don’t love myself today…

At what point did I give up


To smile again

To embrace life

And dreams

As if I were still a teen 

With no means

To breathe in ease

To cry

To cease

At what point…

Will I get up and say…no,

Fuck that,

Today is MY DAY!

What am I?

Am I 

The lust you crave

The desire you rage

The perfection

You enslave

Or am I 

Withered to you

Broken of all That’s true

A destroyer

Or a lover


Or disguised

Of pain 

Where no one see’s

Or breathes

Where my soul seethes

Of anger and deceit

Tell me

What am I to you


In the riches of my words


In riddles

Of a heart once gold

Guilded to strain

No solid


Deranged from the Sane…

Tell me… What am I?