You fuck with me and now my souls on empty. Withering to the nothings she’s been and always will be. To the skin, to the bones, to the frail and brittle tones, can you hear me. My voice wretched screaming to be seen and still… Nothing…no hope, no ease, no break, no appease. But, instead a tease.. Of life in the breeze as the soft summer wind begins to ceize and I breathe its every essence into my lungs. Release… Me. Oh how I wish I could be free as the angel that now sits on the clouds forever in her peace.


In your arms I fell, like the brittle and frail. 

Always easy. 

Without tell.

Limp to you. 

Knowing I can trust you. 

Knowing I can fall free. 

And now, 

Your arms become wings. 

As an angel in the sky. 

Your whispers sing…to my ears. 

To my sighs. 

Im lost in what was and the lack of goodbyes. 

But, never do I fear. 

Cause in your wings I still die.


You were gone in a moments time. Just like that. Taken from the world. Your flesh in the soils as your soul rejoices wild. Free as an angel. A bird in the heavens now dancing amongst the Gods and child. I can see your smile. The way you hugged me till my breath escaped, the way you held me as my tears fade, the way you loved me, making it safe… Safe to be me, to ease and feel serenity. To close my eyes and see, my God was watching over me and now… He in turn will hold you, comfort you as you breathe and release your pain… Baby girl, you’re free!