I wish for her

I wish for her the freedom she craved

On those long and tired days

When she’d rock herself

And try to cry away her pain

Her sorrows that ate at her from within

The disease that took over every inch, limb by limb

I wish for her to be in paradise

To escape the hell she tried to survive

And smile bright in the heavens


Oh poetry,

Oh sweet poetry,

You are the ode of me

The epiphany

Of my dreams

Of my darkness

That gleams

I expose to thee,

My insanity

As I delve

Into my vanity

Of lust

Through words

The just

Of your hymns

In the lyrics

Of my sin

I breathe of thee,

The fire


Like a dragon

I blaze


My daze

Through the ashes

As the debris

Sings your praise

Thank you,

Oh poetry

For being my rage

Through my sanity


I’m not the chick that goes to clubs and hooks up at bars just to be seen

I’m the woman reading a book or writing her dreams

No hate to the beauties that feel that’s keen

But remember passed all that shit we’re all queens

All needing love

All needing to breathe

All wanting that touch that makes us insane

Be that woman that becomes his epitome

Be that woman that makes him remember why you’re his infinity

I often feel invisible, like a ghost. An imagination of what was had, a fantasy. Maybe… A fucking nightmare. I feel empty most days. Oblivious to the world. Meeting with my demons… As my escape… As my embrace. Its funny how alone I feel some days. Watching the race of life pass me as I stand still. Times that once mattered… Moments that no longer exist. I wonder sometimes… In the hidden places of faded memories. Drifting my mind to a time when it all made sense… Till reality sets in and there’s nothing again.

Why do we say thank you when someone says they’re sorry for your loss? Is it a courtesy… Perhaps a welcoming of sorts. Knowing they’re concern for you is evident in they’re words. The sincerity of their hearts…. #Thoughts