Awaken my soul

In silence

I hear you

As a lingered voice

The soothe rasp

Fills me

Awakening my soul

As my demon

You summon me

And I heed

Beckoned to you

I give in with full defeat

Yours I am

As our ghosts meet

In the deepness

Of our darkest dreams


Incredible song…


Breathe within ones soul

As lyrics kiss within the unknown

Where darkness meets light

And demons lurk in sight

Creatures that fuel the mind at night

Succumbing thoughts

Giving you life… Exhale now.. Breathe….

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She stands in my arms, shaking. Her tears pour. Her eyes almost as red as the blood that stains her hands. With a mere glance she looks into my eyes and I run my fingers through her brittle brown hair. Searching, I whisper “It’s ok to breathe now. He’s gone. He can’t hurt you anymore.” Her eyes follow mine and she nods. As if understanding the words but still not hearing them. Her lips meet mine as she seeks safety in my warmth and I hold her. Looking out I see the snow fall against the window pavement. A waitress approaches. “You two ladies alright?” I look up.. “No, but we will be.” Looking back down to Lauren I Kiss her softly once more. The waitress steps away. Her stare still over us. A fear instilled and I knew in that moment we truly weren’t safe. No matter where or what we did. This life we chose would never allow us safety unless we had one another. Holding our secret, forever.


Though it may

Be indeed cliche

The day now night

Has gone astray

Dark and stormy

Wicked amidst

Hindered breaths

Begin to hiss

Slow and rasping

Voices purred

Shadows float

In misty blurs

Stilled I resume

Now consumed

These were my ghost

My demons who loom


It was the glimmer in her eyes that caught his attention. His stare so deep, her soul quivered. It was a connection far more than known to any. No word was spoken. Just the mere gaze from one soul to another. To whom spoke candidly, vividly. She knew in that moment that no word could escape her truth. It was him to which she always knew existed.

Never enough

She was told that she expected too much, and perhaps she did.

Told to be needy, clingy, a stinge.

One who craved attention, again to be true.

But as others spoke, she’d listen deep.

Taking in each word, allowing the seep.

Reflecting within herself

Of who she was, is and hopes to be

Knowing that she too deserved to be seen

Deserved to be loved

Deserved to be heed

She knew that her need, though excessive for feed

Was one that she couldn’t ignore

For the one that knew her best

Would too ask for more…