She was

She was dramatic at times, passionate in her own right. Her heart fluttered at the sight of possibility. At the hope of finally finding her spirits kindred soul. She was obsessive at times but in the best of ways. The type of obsession that spoke in waves of desire and crave. She had a soul far greater than most engaged. Most days turning away from the woman displayed. She was unlike any and to this she proclaimed. Although often alone, she never once stood in shame. 


Never what it seems

You affected me in a way I never thought. In such a short time… Perhaps a delusion of my heart. Wouldn’t be the first as I was broken from the start. Or perhaps, it was hope of what could be. The desire of a love I could see. Feel, deep within my dreams. But, you showed me alas, nothing is ever what it seems. 

Silence of night

It was in the silence of night. When I’d lay out and stare to the sky. Thinking of our time we shared. The words expressed, the moment you said “I’m not going anywhere… I’m in this with you.” And yet, I’m here. Alone, on this night once again, as I’ve always been. With the stars and the sounds of emptiness.