There were days when I pleaded for more. For the feel of love, want and crave. Now… I just yearn to breathe another day. 



Its funny to me how easy it can be to hide in the distance and be what you see in existence. When truly, I’m a shadow that lures, obscure. An image you wish for as a crave or more but, never do you near. For I’m the fantasy you could never breathe, left alone, brittle to seize left in imagination as the soft wind in its breeze…


I’m at my worst again. Is what she said… Speaking to her reflection. Dead… To life existent. Feeling numb to infliction. She was lost in pain of the unknown. Where no one goes in the slay of her forbidden mind. Where all remain blind to the sadness she hides far deep inside. She cries. Hoping that someone would break her sigh. Yet… No one see’s the demons that lie deep in her heart where her soul divides.

The end.

He never knew of a love like hers. Telling himself of her unreal slurs. Pretending she didn’t exist. A play thing, a doll, a toy he couldn’t resist. But, as she slithered through his fingers in a hiss. He realized he loved her yet, now it was too late to persist. Facing a reality, his reality… He couldn’t control this. The thought of never feeling her lips, her bliss… Was this the end. And so she said… Yes, yes it is.